Pacific Iron Ore

Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Protection

Pacific Iron Ore is committed to environmentally responsible exploration practices and sustainable mining activities.


Exploration phase – The Corporation works cooperatively with other organizations, particularly the forestry industry, to ensure existing infrastructure is used whenever possible. Pacific Iron Ore requires its technical contractors to adhere to all provincial and federal regulatory requirements concerning mining exploration activities.


Development and operating phases – In future, as Pacific Iron Ore’s activities proceed towards the construction of a commercial mining operation, the Corporation will be subjected to numerous permitting requirements at the local, provincial and federal levels. Pacific Iron Ore will be proactive in conducting environmental studies and preparing mitigation plans, and in complying fully with all requirements, in order to ensure protection of the environment during mine development and operation.


Greenhouse gas emissions – All industrial activities, including mining, entail the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. During the exploration phase the principal source of emissions is diesel equipment used to power drills. In later phases emissions would come from the operation of heavy equipment, the supply of electrical power to the mine and, indirectly, the emissions resulting from the production of necessary inputs such as cement and steel. Depending on evolving federal and provincial requirements with respect to greenhouse gas emissions, Pacific Iron Ore may be required to purchase carbon offsets or take other measures to mitigate its emissions of greenhouse gases. Wherever possible, electrical power will be procured from renewable, non-emitting sources such as hydroelectricity.